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  1. kbdick

    is this real
  2. honestly, just spending the time with the boys
  3. 2-0 in pvm comps, too easy. if we didnt go 4 days dry we would of swept all categories easy lmfao. gg WM
  4. kbdick

  5. kbdick

    gg was easy
  6. kbdick

    pretty neat that a small group of pvmers could beat vanguard at their own game good job and thanks for everyone that worked hard at this!
  7. kbdick

    gf vng lmfao https://gyazo.com/b7a6ebe22f9a8f7a4e2a6b95053b03c6
  8. kbdick

    tbh was easy
  9. kbdick

    loved every second of that
  10. kbdick

    original pic: https://gyazo.com/d6186f5ec2d1fb77de1fe42548166aa2
  11. kbdick

    Original pic: https://gyazo.com/449fd9f14d6ddb7ffc7fa243269c888f
  12. kbdick

    whats good
  13. kbdick

  14. kbdick


    what's good
  15. kbdick


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