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  1. Forums | Discord | Teamspeak: mikesucks.ttrinity.me:6609 team_trinity cc We signed up for the Sharkbrew tournament, and for our first round in the 30 vs 30 cwri we were put against The Rising. Our earlier fights in the touranment didn't go too hot, so we were determined to show stronger results in the 30 vs 30 category. All two rounds were close, but our strong calling and big tanks helped us pull away with the victory. Thank you for the fight The Rising and good luck in the further rounds of the tournament. Round 1 Round 2 Thank you for the all the TT members that showed up! Shout out to Jared, Mohd, and DWG for calling! Also, shout out to our Theater of Blood Unit getting a staff drop during the fight!
  2. Hey everyone, about a week ago, Vita (PvM Coordinator for Team Trinity) approached Vanguard for a week long PvM competition. We've faced Vanguard before, so we knew that this competition would be tough. I want to thank every Team Trinity member that participated in this competition. Also, respect to Vanguard for including Theater of Blood in the competition even though they weren't proficient in it. Listed below are the four categories that were judged in this competition. If there were to be a tie in categories, we both agreed that competition would be extended by three days, however this was not the case. Total Points Wealth (Excluding ToB Drops) Pet Count ToB Wealth Results: Team Trinity 3-1 Vanguard Total Points Team Trinity - 205 Points (Winner) Vanguard - 178.5 Points Wealth (Excluding ToB Drops) Team Trinity - ~302m Vanguard - ~734m (Winnter) Pet Count Team Trinity - 7 pets (Winner) Vanguard - 1 pet ToB Wealth Team Trinity - ~1.7B Vanguard - ~200m Team Trinity Point Leaders 1. Wilford - 43 Points 2. Kenny - 16 Points 3. Mike - 15 Points 4. Outstanding - 14 Points 5. Dan - 13 Points Team Trinity Theater of Blood Drop Leaders 1. Gountor5 - Lil Zik (pet), Sanguine Staff, Justiciar Legguards 2. Snoop - Avernic Defender x2 3. Harka - Lil Zik (pet) 4. Bosoni - Sanguine Staff 5. Irvin - Avernic Defender 6. Noel - Avernic Defender 7. Felofh - Avernic Defender Team Trinity Highlights
  3. points:#drops:#pets mike - 15:4:0 (arcane, dpick, d2h, treasonous ring) Vita - 7:1:0 (buckler Gountor - 7:4:1 (lil zik, bucker, sang staff, justice legs, Nick - 11:5:0 (sara light, godshard, elixer, onyx bolts, arcane, splodge - 6:1:1 (jad pet, Irvin - 3:2:0 (arcane, avernic defender, speckles - 6:1:1 ( jad pet, Out - 14:3:0 (dta, arcane, dchain from smokedevils kenny - 16:3:1 (draconic visage, skotizo pet, smoke battlestaff, eternal crystal) uncledennis - 3:1:0 (arcane, snoop - 0:2:0 (arvenic defender x2, Zq50 - 2:1:0 (d2h felofh - 0:1:0 (arvenic defender abboy - 5:1:0 (dragon harpoon) dan - 13:3:0 (acs, zammy hilt, zammy spear) the end - 4:2:0 (zenyte shard x2) wilfred - 43:10:1 (godshard x6, arma helm, acp, arma hilt, pet kree) alex - 9:3:0 (unsired, godshard, arcane sirsevered - 9:3:0 (zenyte shard, dpick, arcane) joe - 8:1:1 (vorki pet, tiffany - 10:1:0 (ancestral hat, Harka - 0:1:1 (lil zik, bosoni - 0:1:0 (sang staff, eat - 8:3:0 (magic fang, arcane x2) noel - 0:1:0 (avernic defender) Snelmz - 4:1:0 (prim crystal)

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