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  2. Topic by Kbdick Today we set up a nice 3 round clan wars battle with our friends at Vanguard. With our numbers down a bit, gave Vanguard an advantage each round as they out pulled us. Video (Cody) Round 1 With a strong start, we took the first round very easily as this round we had the most people in this round. Win 24-14 Round 2 Lost 25-24 because we got cocky and tried to let everyone call their own pile on ts :/ Round 3 We took this round a little more serious as we gave them a plus 7 or 8 or something. We weren't about to take an L though. Won 25-21. Thanks for the battle Vanguard. Respect from Team Trinity's side. Shout outs: Phaeo, Paul, and Bosha for stepping up and calling. Everyone trying to call round 2, even though it seemed to be awkward and a disaster. Vanguard for giving us our first battle in months.
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    0 ask
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    anyone who uses mic and has an iq above 80 (not wom)
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    what conditioner do you use
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    please send tiffany ur photo id before u begin raiding
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    revolt died
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    i love rs
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    i tb'd?
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    vangurad puff puff
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